I could have called this blog: in which I quit my job with no plan and find myself cooking a lot and wanting to write about it. I also briefly considered: food you can really eat everyday and not weigh one million pounds.

As much as I would love to sit around all day and make the typical food blog staples like cream-laden soups, French toast, and zucchini bread (how that got termed a bread and not a cake, only the squash lobby knows), then I would have to EAT those things. I have found that even though I think all these concoctions sound delicious, really I feel best when I eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can cram into a meal, steer clear of white grains and sugars, and use meat rarely, usually as flavoring. The food I share here might not be very fancy, but I hope it reflects realistic, real-life daily eating.

I was raised in the San Juan Islands and, despite having hunkered down in the middle of a city, I fill my days with planting tomatoes, raising chickens, hosting potlucks, and am on a tireless mission to capture a small-town community feel in this big urban city.

I am also obsessed with small houses, peanut butter, winning Cardinal sports teams, and have an uncanny ability to kill indoor succulents.

Enjoy it here.

- Sarah