Of note.

Today it rains. The leaves fall. I do chores - return things, pay bills, maintain the car, stuff like that.

I want to tell you about the banana bread I made yesterday, the fall veggies I’ve been roasting, and the new cookbooks I can’t get enough of, but today I just have time for a few musings. 

I just ordered a handmade waxed canvas pouch from this shop my friend Lissa runs and it’s awesome. She makes beautiful purses, too.

Despite the rain, I’ve been dragging myself on longer runs to get ready for this 10K race I’m running with my friends Kendall and Graham in a few short weeks. 

I hope this team gets it together after their loss last weekend since I have tickets to the game on Saturday.

Bittman, Bittman, everywhere, including this article, this cover story, and this new cookbook. When I grow up, I want to be Mark Bittman.

My friend Rachel is the ultimate foodie and chef and has this new post up about how to “cook for the week.”

I went and saw this movie with my friend Margaret after reading the book for book club a few years back. The movie version is every bit as creepy…

I want to try making “overnight oats” after reading this post by fellow food blogger, Sini. Aren’t her pictures gorgeous?

If you live in Seattle, Banff Film Festival tickets went on sale today. It always sells out and the films are awesome. If you’re located elsewhere, see if it’s coming to your city!

Sometimes reading my friend Milla’s blog makes me want to move home to Lopez…