Sur la blog

You guys. Did I tell you that I started writing for Sur La Table? I didn’t think so! They recently launched a new blog called A Sharp Knife and Salt and I’ll be a regular contributor of recipes and commentary. 

They post lots of great tips from both home cooks and professional chefs (with my advice clearly falling in the former category).

Hop on over to check out my newest post, a tour of ‘what’s in my kitchen.’ I had a hard time choosing my favorite items, but ultimately I went with a good fry pan, my vintage pyrex nesting bowls, a stocked pantry (obviously), hand blown glasses, copper pans, and a Le Creuset dutch oven.*

* And, no. They didn't give me a free Le Creuset just for telling you how great they are. I am still, and will remain, an amateur blogger. (This way I preserve my chances of competing in the blogger Olympics! Remember when athletes used to not be able to compete in the Olympics once they turned 'professional,' meaning they took any money for competing in their sport? I'm pretty sure they've changed that, but you get the point).