Ode to Paseo

All anyone can talk about in Seattle this week is the sudden closing of our most beloved eatery. (The #1 Yelp restaurant in the world. The world, people.) 

Paseo is was a modest coral-colored shack serving perfect cuban sandwiches. (The owner came in every week to make his secret sauce with no one around. It was that good). With no warning, Paseo shuttered its doors Tuesday, sending Seattle foodies and hipsters alike (well, let’s be honest - they’re pretty much the same thing these days) into a tailspin of depression and regret for the many missed meal opportunities - past, present, and future.

So this is what my brain does while I’m stuck in Seattle traffic.  (And in case there was any doubt that I am turning into my mother, this should serve as cold hard proof.) 

An Ode to Paseos

We bid farewell to Paseo's 
a giant among men
you’ve closed your doors forever
never to open again 

How we will miss the pork shoulder 
the chicken and the shrimp
the onions - oh, the onions!
you never did scrimp 

That perfect aioli 
jalapeños and herbs
you were one of the reasons
we could never move to the ‘burbs 

Macrina baguettes
only increased your clout
oh how we dreaded
the days you were ‘sold out’ 

The smart ones knew the secret: 
call ahead to save time
sometimes we’d phone in
from the back of the line

And now you have left us 
oh, what a sad day!
but hey, we get it
there are taxes to pay!