Lazy summer meals

When I got back to Seattle this week, I couldn't be bothered to make the trek to the grocery store (everything seems so much harder in the big city than up on the island). So for a couple days I just ate whatever I could find in my house. Luckily my garden was exploding when I got home (think zucchinis as big as your thigh - oops!) so I had some vegetables to work with.

Zucchini and kale with whole wheat spirals, tossed with fresh basil, toasted pinenuts, garden tomatoes and parm.

And for breakfast, backyard eggs with squash, basil and cherry tomatoes on a (hopefully not too old) corn tortilla. Those things don't go bad, right?

I've spent this week working on the blog, taking meetings for my other new venture, and puttering around my house getting life back in order. The arrival of a late summer rain sort of takes the pressure off of being outside constantly, so I've managed to get quite a bit done.

Luka is feeling lazy today too.

Ok, well Alex says I have to quit writing posts without telling people my blog is up. So here it goes.