Summer salad

Too hot to cook. When it breaks 80 in Seattle I just want to find the coolest room in the house and sit. Today I squeezed in an early lap around the lake before the hot sun and summer bandwagon joggers (of which I am admittedly one at this point...) rolled in.

I bought a sun umbrella today to create some outdoor shade for lounging, so now of course it will start raining again within a week. I'm hoping things at least hold out through September. But here I am talking about the weather (very northwest of me) instead of telling you what I made for dinner as quickly as possible so I can retire to my now-cooled off TV room to watch more episodes of Veep (while clandestinely admiring my new umbrella through the french doors).

I've been eating so many Caprese and Greek salads lately that I didn't really feel like either for dinner. So I made both together. : Greek-a-prese-noa salad (Greek+Caprese+Quinoa). It's a lot like the delicious dinner I stumbled into at my friend Lupine's last night - her's was maybe even more delicious since I didn't have to cook it :)

Summer Salad:

Cook quinoa (2:1 (salted) water to grain, 15 minutes on low boil, let stand for 5)


1 cucumber

Julienned mint

Slivered onion

Fresh mozzarella balls

Halved cherry tomatoes

Avocado chunks

Slivered almonds

Dress with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar