Before and After


They say good things happen when you least expect it. (future husband: if you're reading this, I'm not expecting to meet you…but anytime will do) and that was how I found this little house, or rather it found me (cheesy, I know). I had been working with a realtor a year prior, but I’d given up and decided I'd rent for a while. One Friday I happened to look at Redfin and there was my house. It was perfect. 

I staged a drive by that afternoon, called my realtor the next day, inspected the day after and by Monday night it was mine (after winning out over five competing offers!). I love it. I feel like I have a private sanctuary in the city. I hate crowds. I'm overwhelmed by constantly meeting new people (with the exception of you, Kate Middleton, I know we’d be fast friends) and being able to be quiet, be alone, be outdoors, but be in my own space has changed how I think about urban living.


I have room for a garden, a patio on which to entertain friends, a quiet bedroom, and this little kitchen for cooking. Luckily, the people before me had done a lot of the heavy lifting: all the systems were updated and they had a decent sense of style, so I barely had to change anything. I put my own touches on paint colors, updated the look of the kitchen cabinets (when was laminate ever a good idea?) and spend most of my time adding to the yard and decorating. 


One day at work when I was busy grading papers looking for new stuff on craigslist, I came across a hot tub that seemed like an impossibly good deal. I called the guy, drove all the way up to Arlington right after work in the rain (with my sister - thanks, Kate!), and bought it on the spot. How was I going to get the 8000 pound hot tub into my backyard - I would figure that out later. A load of gravel, a nearly-amputated tree, and a makeshift construction project later: I had a hot tub.


This little house feels like it's been mine forever, but I'll be throwing it a hundredth birthday party in another couple summers. I like to think of all the life it has seen over the past century. When I look around, I really have done quite a lot in the year that I’ve lived here. I never want to leave.