I'd seen a bunch of these signs on Etsy and thought one would look cute in my kitchen. I couldn't quite bring myself to pay $50 for painted wood, though, so I sort of forgot about it.


I was telling my friend Alex about the idea earlier this week, and she said it totally wouldn't be that hard to make one. Lightbulb! Her husband is a get-things-done-now person (which is awesome) so when he came home and I asked him how he would make one, he brought up some scrap wood so I could sketch out letters right then and there. I'd spent months thinking about these three little letters and we were going to make them in half an hour.


Matt taught me to use the jigsaw (totally not hard - why do power tools seem intimidating??) and I cut out the letters. Sanded them down, stopped by the hardware store to buy some spray paint, and the next day my kitchen is Pinterest-worthy :)


What have you been putting off? If you have a project idea, in the words of Nike circa 1994: Just Do It! Thanks, Alex and Matt :)