Avocado toast

I went for a neighborhood walk with my friend Lupine this morning. I feel so luckily to live within walking distance of at least a half dozen of my good friends; it gives this big urban city a community neighborhood feel. We headed out first to our local bakery, Honore,  who, in addition to making what are potentially the most delicious pastries in the city, has recently tried their hand at baking bread. Only 6 loaves a day, however. We booked it there (as fast as one can with two children, a stroller, and a dog in tow) and were lucky there were still two loaves left! We bought one loaf and began to hatch a lunch plan…

Honore is right next door to the restaurant Delancey, where earlier this week I had cocktails and dinner with a friend and sampled their avocado toast. If you live anywhere in the city, you should go there and eat it. If you don’t (or if you’re not always up for a $10 piece of toast, as good as it might be), here’s my take on how to make it at home.

Avocado Toast:  (inspired by Delancey/Essex)

1 clove garlic

Olive oil

2 medium sized ripe avocados

Feta cheese

Cayenne pepper

Fresh cilantro

Himalayan pink sea salt (or other large flake salt)


Slice loaf of crusty bread 1/2" to 1” thick

Rub each slice with a halved garlic clove and then brush with olive oil

Toast under broiler until top is golden brown and crispy

Mash up avocado and spread on toast

Top with crumbled feta and a few leaves of cilantro

Sprinkle salt and a dusting of cayenne on top

If I did this again I might replace the cilantro with toasted pine nuts (but then again, I like pine nuts on everything…)


Lupine and I sipped sparkling lemonade (after debating whether it was too early to open a bottle of Rose…it was) and ate these bites on her sunny deck. Pretty close to a perfect summer lunch, if you ask me.

Lupine's amazing garden

All gone...