A grilled cheese kind of day...

Sometimes you just have an off day.

Sometimes your dog eats the 4th (!) new bra you bought. (Why doesn't he develop a taste for cheaper clothing items, like socks, instead?)

Sometimes you fall asleep on the couch and wake up two hours later sporting groggy nap face.

Sometimes you just want to blare 90s throw back R&B and sing along to TLC’s Waterfalls in your car.

Sometimes your lawnmower is broken and your lawn just keeps on growing. 

Sometimes it’s raining and you just want to tuck into a bowl of tomato soup and a stringy grilled cheese sandwich and pretend you’re still seven and home sick from school. 

If your day was anything like mine, this should do the trick.


Grilled Cheese (with pickles and avocado)

It was my friend Erin who taught me to make to put pickles on my grilled cheese. We used to make them in her kitchen on slices of oat bread from the bakery where we worked. She's also the one who taught me to use a broiler pan, skipping the heavy butter on each side altogether but still getting that crisp outside (not too crisp that it scrapes the roof of your mouth but enough that your sandwich doesn't go soggy).


2 slices whole wheat bread (I like the Honey Whole Wheat from our local bakery, Old Mill Baking Co.)
3 dill pickles, sliced (I use these)
1/2 an avocado
4 slices sharp white cheddar

Place bread on a baking sheet and put under the broiler until lightly toasted.

Flip both slices over and top one with cheese. Return to broiler until cheese is melted and the other slice is toasted.

Remove from the heat and layer pickle slices over melted cheese. Smear the avocado on the other slice of bread and smoosh both sides together into a sandwich.

Slice in half and serve with a bowl of tomato soup.