Ladies who lunch

There was a period this fall where I ate beet salad five (five!) times in one week. At restaurants. All of them. I couldn’t seem to stop ordering the beet salad. Beet salad with pistachio butter (the winner!) or with arugula and hazelnuts. Or beet salad with green beans and blue cheese. (The best part of this affliction is that just a few short years, maybe even months, ago, beets made my Top 5 Foods I Think Taste Like Puke, along with oysters and mayonnaise. I’ve come a long way).  How is that I have found myself eating out at restaurants five times in one week, you ask? Well I’ll tell you: it’s called ‘Ladies Who Lunch.’

Since no one knows how to play bridge anymore and I swore I’d never get into tennis, I’ve decided I can at least eat like a 50s housewife. I tried two approaches. 

Approach A: I found a group of women online who regularly dine at fine restaurants. Here are some facts about that lunch outing:

- I ordered beet salad. 

- The lunch lasted 82 minutes. I had to renew my parking twice.

- Between the six women at the table, there was collective ownership of seven cats. Six of them belonged to one person.

- One line of conversation started with the following question:  “So, do you guys all keep a lot of cash at home? You know, for emergencies and stuff?” (Yes. I double checked the locks on my doors when I got home). 

- One woman did not eat any of her sandwich. Or fries. She was more of a ‘Lady Who Looks at Lunch.’ 

Approach B: My food-loving friend Molly and I traveled to The London Plane - an excessively trendy local lunch spot - and enjoyed a delightful meal.

- I ordered beet salad. 

- We devoured the bread. And then more bread. Oh, that bread.

- One line of conversation started with the following question: “So do you think we should get more bread?”

- The man behind the counter gave us free cookies.

- Puppies and rainbows burst from the sky.

Stay tuned for more (approach B) Ladies Who Lunch stories. I promise to order something other than beet salad eventually…

The London Plane

Here’s what we ate:
Winter squash soup
Plate o' bread
Beet salad with frisée and toasted hazelnuts
Apple Galette
Gateaux Basque

Warning: this post may cause you crave beet salad. If so, you can (clearly) find it on a number of restaurant menus these days. Or you can try making this one