In which I learn to celebrate

Someone recently told me that I don’t toot my own horn enough, which took me by total surprise as one of my biggest fears is that others think me a total braggart. I feel like I’ve spent a most of the days since third grade - when I first realized that not everyone cares to know how high a score you got on your spelling test, thankyouverymuch, or how you even got the bonus word, ‘snowplow’, right for an extra point - intentionally downplaying my accomplishments, afraid that the only thing that can cometh from pride is that proverbial fall. (Not to be confused, as one of my seventh grade students once did in an essay on virtues, with ‘autumn’.)

So ok, but only because you asked. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to lately:

My friend Molly and I started a weekly podcast called And Eat it Too! where we discuss food idioms, food, and things having nothing to do with food at all. We're still working out a few sound issues, but come check it out!

I’ve been busy learning how to write (better): I took a food writing class with Molly Wizenberg and have another coming up with Kate Lebo.

I had a decidedly un-romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with Betsy - the editor of Organic Life Magazine where my article on goats will be published soon (!) - and my foodie friend Emilia. We ate dumplings deep in the ID where we hoped no one would remember it was Valentine’s Day and talked about story ideas that I am now trying to get on paper. 

I continue to write a monthly-ish post for Sur la Table, in the most recent of which I cracked the case on the perfect poached egg

My kitchen remodel on a non-existent budget was featured on The Kitchn where I hope to do more writing soon!

I'm heading to the IACP conference in March to meet with lots of other people who write about, cook, and eat food. Then I'm going to a writer's conference in June to meet with other people who just like to write. 

My consulting business is chugging along - in January I led a three day workshop for a school in Washington DC where a couple of the students share a last name with that famous guy who lives in a large, white house. 

I have two other projects in the works that are currently top-secret (not on my end, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy). I promise to tell you about them when they launch.