Food Trends of 2015

Much ado has been made about predicting the next hot food trends that will define 2015. Food writers sit at their desks like stockbrokers, one ear to the elite chef underground, hoping to be the first to break a hot new tip about the kale/brussels sprouts hybrid or the resurgence of paleo-rich animal fat. To be perfectly honest (as my friend Erin would say), keeping up with the Jean-Georges is my least favorite part about food writing. I just don't care enough to try to find the newest hot spot or featured ingredient. I eat pretty simply, and I'm cool with that. But it's ever-so-tempting to jump into the scrum, (beef) tongue-in-cheek, and poke just a bit of fun at the fancy world of food. 

Pine & Nut Provisions Co.
(a pop-up restaurant, appearing for one night only in a reclaimed warehouse near you)

Menu (selection changes daily, sometimes hourly depending on the freshness of available ingredients):

Signature cocktail:
Pimms No. 9 Cup: House-made foraged blackberry shrub with local nano-distillery gin and burnt rosemary

Hyper-local kalette salad with popped freekeh kernels, salted pistachios, and a crumbling of bitter charred raddichio edges

Millet cakes with a savory harrisa yogurt and a bone broth pour over

Pickled beef tongue (from a sustainably raised cow formerly named “Ernie”) with fermented kimchi and preserved lemons

Matcha green tea sorbet topped with a single sweet ramen noodle and olive oil powder